Lightning Rounds

Monday, April 23, 2012, 8:30 am PDT

Rubrics in Moodle by Randy Stamm

Captioning Video in 5 Minutes by Terrill Thompson

Faculty Development in the JIT Digital Age by Colleen Carmean and Beckie Etheridge

Quality Matters – First Steps to a Team Approach for Instructional Design Support by Edward Bachmann

A Canvas Pilot at Lower Columbia College by Renee Carney

Collaborating with Technical Writing Students by David Hamiter

Overview of an Assistive Technology Resource Center as a Resource in a College of Education by Linda Schleef

Distributive Learning in Refugee Settings by Mark Beattie

ThorZone: Climate Mapping Tool by Justina Brown

Who’s the slacker? Evaluating Team Member Efficacy by Justina Brown

Room: Whatcom



4 Responses to Lightning Rounds

  1. Mark Beattie says:

    Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins has implemented a pilot project to provide distributive education in refugee settings in Thailand, Malawi, Kenya, and Syria. This presentation will share the background of the project including the perils and pitfalls of implementing this work. Presentation slides are available vis this public dropbox:

  2. Edward a. Bachmann says:

    Pierce College leveraged the State Board eLearning unit’s statewide consortium funding of QM to train faculty in QM and assess QM’s fit for our online program. This lightning round session will briefly share our project and the recommendations our faculty QM Team made; our first steps to facilitating effective course design and improving student success.

    Lightning Round Sides:
    Lightning round Handout:
    Draft Recommendations:

  3. Check out this slick peer evaluation tool that supports this often difficult-to-manage task in group work. With the free CATME web tool, instructors select choices of evaluation criteria and review team data. Students get notifications, perform peer and self evaluations, and receive feedback for improving performance. Justina Brown of WWU’s teaching & learning center and several instructors at WWU have used this tool with rave reviews.

    Lightning Round Slides:

    CATME Informational Website:

    CIIA’s Teaching Tips – Peer Learning & Flip Teaching resources:

  4. The Thorzone Climate Mapping Tool is a custom web application/Flash game for quizzing students on their knowledge of the Earth’s climates and currents. Justina Brown of WWU’s teaching & learning center demonstrated what can be accomplished on a shoe string to enhance learning; she facilitated the work between the professor and her two student employees who created this learning tool in a matter of months.

    Lightning Round Slides:

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