Academic Technology Roundtable: Faculty Leadership in Professional Development

Presented by:

Scott Christian,  Director of Academic Technology Services, University of Portland

Sam Williams, Academic Technology Specialist/Trainer, University of Portland

Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 9:45 am PDT

Last spring, the Academic Technology Services team worked collaboratively with the Deans for all of the academic units: arts and science, business, education, nursing, engineering and the graduate schools to conduct a competitive call for proposals. Faculty across the university submitted proposals for innovative projects involving the wise integration of academic technology. Successful applicants, (13 faculty conducting 10 innovation projects) serve on the UP Academic Technology Roudtable, a leadership cadre and professional learning community. The Academic Technology Roundtable will collaboratively research emerging and existing technology tools and plan for the implementation of academic technology for the UP community. Through the implementation of focused classroom technology projects, and the systematic analysis of student achievement, this group will investigate innovative teaching practice through the wise integration of technology. This presentation will feature short glimpses of the projects and a discussion about faculty leadership in academic technology, including e-portfolios, digital marketing, podcasts in Biology, analysis of online discourse, virtual communities in nursing, to name a few.

Room: Sehome



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